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AMD CEO Showcases Massive Improvements and Design Wins at Computex

AMD CEO Lisa Su and her team have made several critical changes and the firm seems to be able to execute like clockwork. At Computex, Su showcased progress the firm has made while announcing a number of new products. More >

Salesforce to Embed Blockchain Network into CRM Platform

The instance of blockchain that Salesforce plans to generally make available next year is based on a Hyperledger and Hyperledger Sawtooth. More >

Zendesk Extends Scope of Customer Experience Ambitions

Zendesk is differentiating itself by enabling organizations to more easily and quickly create an omni-channel customer experience at a lower cost by leveraging massive amounts of data that organizations are already starting to store on the AWS cloud. More >

Tableau Extends Support for Geospatial Data

Tableau Software is making available an update to its namesake data visualization and analytics software that adds support for geospatial data, in Tableau 2019.2. More >

HPE Buys Cray: Another Disaster in the Making

This HPE-Cray merger looks like a disaster because it does not address the real threat facing HPE: cloud computing. More >

Three Big Takeaways from Lenovo Accelerate: IoT, AR/VR and Massive PC Innovation

The advantages of Lenovo are not well known; it is more likely to be forced to compete on price. This makes it an interesting bargain for the informed customer. More >

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Ikanos: DSL Could Stand for ‘Definitely Still Living’

Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology has been on the endangered species list for years.

More >

Planning Around – and Through – Emergencies

The past few years have made one thing certain: Networks on occasion will be called upon to do more than normal.

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Driving Efficiency in Monitoring

Ensuring that networks are operating at peak efficiency has never been more important or more complex. A new layer of management — network packet brokers — is emerging to drive efficiencies in monitoring. Andy Huckridge tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that the approach enables packets to be sent only to the appropriate tools and that measurements over the entire path — not just one network within that path — can be made.

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Time to Set Realistic AI Expectations Is Now

The gap between what senior business execs believe can be accomplished by investing in AI and what can be really accomplished using AI has widened to the point where a backlash against AI in the enterprise may be all but inevitable.

Now Comes the Hard Part of Cloud Computing

Given all the complexities involved, it is little wonder that so many organizations have found moving to the cloud a much bigger challenge than they might have originally anticipated.

Why Security Needs to Automate, Too

The same tools being used to augment the development and operations side of the house can also be applied to automation in security.

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