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    DevOps Report Cites Culture as Hurdle in DevOps Evolution

    The reports highlights supportive leadership as a factor in improving the evolution and success of DevOps teams.

    AI and Observability Platforms to Alter DevOps Economics

    Adoption of DevOps across the enterprise is seeing a boost thanks to observability platforms and greater integration with AIOps.

    Accenture Introduces Climate Change Initiatives

    Accenture has developed a set of proprietary algorithms to quantify the “greenness” of various cloud platforms.

    Mapped: The Missing Digital Twin Link

    The small startup might have the solution for improving synchronicity between digital twins.

    Intel Makes Building 5G Platforms at the Edge Easier

    The company’s new Network Platform offers the infrastructure needed to accelerate 5G networking services roll out.

    IBM Sues GlobalFoundries, Highlighting Outsourcing Challenges

    The lawsuit alleges breach of contract over microchip production, underscoring the challenges of outsourcing manufacturing processes.

    Top Data Science Tools 2021

    Data science tools gather business value from processing data. Compare the Best Data Science Software now.

    Render Introduces Automatic Scaling to Platform

    The company makes the case for an app-building platform that doesn’t require developers to have server and infrastructure knowledge.

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