Adversarial Machine Learning: Combating Data Poisoning

    Adversarial machine learning is used to attack machine learning systems. Learn how to identify and combat these cyberattacks.

    Democratizing Software Development with Low-Code

    Low-code allows IT teams to create workflows and applications without coding. Here is how that is helping digital transformation.

    Establishing a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

    A Software Bill of Materials is a great tool to manage issues with open source software. Learn how developers are using SBOMs now.

    Top 5 Benefits of AI in Banking and Finance

    The benefits of AI can’t be denied the banking and finance industry. Here are five compelling reasons why the sector should adopt AI.

    Salesforce Applies More AI to Sales Management

    The company has created a unified revenue management command center by combining its Einstein AI platform and Tableau software.

    Edge AI: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Edge...

    Edge AI processes algorithms locally on devices on the edge of a local network. Here is how it is transforming computing.

    IBM Unveils Chip for Accelerating AI Inference Engines

    The IBM Telum Processor is the company’s first chip capable of providing that acceleration capability while transactions are processing

    Best DevOps Certifications to Have Now

    DevOps roles are currently in high demand as IT continues to rapidly evolve. Here are the best certifications to obtain now.

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