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    ServiceNow Lends Support to Microsoft Cloud PC Initiative

    IT teams that have adopted the ServiceNow ITSM platform will be able to provide support to users of Windows 365 via the Microsoft Teams collaboration service.

    Intel Makes Building 5G Platforms at the Edge Easier

    The company’s new Network Platform offers the infrastructure needed to accelerate 5G networking services roll out.

    Best Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions & Software 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional work models. In the wake of the global shift to a work-from-anywhere model,...

    Enterprise End-to-End Encryption is on the Rise

    End-to-end encryption (E2EE) has been an integral part of consumer messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype for...

    Forecasting the Eventual End of the Smartphone

    This week, Huawei held a general analyst event where the company highlighted what it was doing across various well-funded...

    Qualcomm and the Emergence of the Blended PC-Smartphone

    Last week, Qualcomm made what might seem to be an obscure announcement for their XR1 Smart View Reference Design — one...

    Edge Computing Set to Explode Alongside Rise of 5G

    As 5G networks become more widely available it’s now possible to deploy a wider range of applications capable of...

    The Impact of 5G on Cloud Computing

    5G, with its promised high-speed, low-latency performance, is finally here and with it a plethora of intriguing cloud computing...

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