Best Backup Software 2022

    Backup Software automatically saves a copy of all your data as protection from disasters and theft. Compare top software now.

    Enterprise Storage Trends to Watch in 2022

    As we move into 2022, we examine what new data storage trends are coming into focus.

    AWS Extends Scope of Cloud Storage Services

    The aim is to make it easier for organizations to shift apps that depend on accessing files to the cloud using a variety of methods.

    Best Use Cases for Virtual Data Rooms

    Virtual data rooms are a secure way to store documents that will be accessed by multiple people at the same time. Here is how VDRs are used.

    AWS Delivers First SAN Services in the Cloud

    The io2 Block Express service will play a critical role in convincing organizations to move transaction processing applications to the cloud.

    Seagate Looks to Disrupt Cloud Storage with Lyve Cloud...

    Seagate Technology has moved to substantially reduce the total cost of cloud storage with the launch of a Lyve...

    APIs Help Streamline SaaS Experience

    In the rush to embrace software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations of all sizes now...

    Panasas Advances Parallel File System

    Usage of parallel file systems was confined to mainframes and high-performance computing (HOC) environments. But as more advanced analytics...

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