Hyperscalers: Will They Upend the Mainframe Market?

    These mega tech companies are taking the opportunity seriously and are making headway with their mainframe programs.

    PagerDuty Report: Stress on IT Teams on the Rise

    New survey highlights the rise in critical IT incidents and how that has increased pressures on IT teams in all sectors.

    VMware Adds Subscription Option for VMware Cloud

    VMware has added a subscription option, dubbed VMware Cloud Universal, that makes consuming its offerings simpler for enterprise IT...

    AMD Flexes Server Processor Muscle

    AMD increased the pressure it's been applying to archrival Intel with the unveiling of an AMD EPYC 7003 Series...

    Tetrate and the Emergence of the Intercloud Hypervisor

    Occasionally, I run into an interesting company at the beginning of a critical trend. When I got a call...

    NVIDIA and ARM: A Potential Game Changer

    The merger of NVIDIA and ARM announced this week will change both the CPU and GPU landscape dramatically and...

    IBM Completes Red Hat Acquisition | What Will Change?

    I was part of a failed acquisition by IBM costing the company billions, so it is particularly fascinating to...

    IBM Power9 in the Cloud Offers Advantages

    One of the big problems in competing with a dominant vendor is just getting IT to try out your...

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