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    AWS Delivers First SAN Services in the Cloud

    The io2 Block Express service will play a critical role in convincing organizations to move transaction processing applications to the cloud.

    Successful Cloud Migration with Automated Discovery Tools

    Cloud migrations are time-consuming endeavors, but automated discovery tools can significantly reduce the time requirements, therefore making them less...

    AI and Observability Platforms to Alter DevOps Economics

    Adoption of DevOps across the enterprise is seeing a boost thanks to observability platforms and greater integration with AIOps.

    Detecting Vulnerabilities in Cloud-Native Architectures

    Cloud-native architectures have introduced new types of security risks and sources of vulnerabilities. Here is how to combat these threats.

    Accenture Introduces Climate Change Initiatives

    Accenture has developed a set of proprietary algorithms to quantify the “greenness” of various cloud platforms.

    Oracle Zones in on Cloud Cost Transparency

    The company sees an opportunity to migrate existing customer applications to the cloud in addition to competing more aggressively for new ones.

    Best IoT Device Management Platforms & Software 2021

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has broken out from its smart home roots to become a full-fledged game changer...

    Networking’s Future is in the Distributed Cloud

    A titanic battle for control over the future of enterprise has begun in earnest with the rise of distributed...

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