5 Mobile Attack Surfaces Targeted by Cybercriminals

    Here are five mobile attack surfaces targeted by cybercriminals with tips on how app developers can improve cybersecurity.

    Numio Enables High Speed Cryptocurrency Transactions via Mobile App

    Support for Layer 2 cryptocurrency protocol enables transactions made using the Ethereum blockchain platform to occur faster and cheaper.

    NVIDIA Looks to Lower AI Barrier to Entry

    The Base Command Platform aims to reduce the cost of training AI models and lowers risks for organizations when prototyping models.

    Microsoft Viva: The “Great Place To Work” Tool

    One of the most exciting initiatives out of Microsoft this year is Microsoft Viva.  What makes this effort so...

    Zoom Launches Latest Salvo in Collaboration Platform War

    Zoom has launched Zoom Apps that allows embedded third-party apps in Zoom Meetings and its desktop client.

    ServiceNow Lends Support to Microsoft Cloud PC Initiative

    IT teams that have adopted the ServiceNow ITSM platform will be able to provide support to users of Windows 365 via the Microsoft Teams collaboration service.

    Top RPA Tools 2021: Robotic Process Automation Software

    RPA Tools automate repetitive time consuming tasks using machine learning (ML) and AI. Compare RPA Software now.

    Microsoft Inspire Keynote Highlights Partners and Changes

    The partner event showcased Microsoft’s focus on cloud services, partner management and provisioning, and Windows 365.

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