How to Create Your GDPR Budget

You are going to have data privacy-related costs, with or without GDPR; however, as GDPR compliance is part of your security and privacy plan, you will need to think about extra funds.

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Finding the Right Tool for the DevOps Job

Those who embrace DevOps now will be in a far better position to capitalize on emerging application- and service-based business models in the coming decade.

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CRM Applications Leaders Prepare for Digital Business Battle

In many ways, CRM apps from a digital business perspective are already the front-end apps that provide insights into the supply chain. Vendors are removing the friction that exists between enterprise apps.

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CRM Plus BPM Lies at Heart of Superior Customer Experience Management

Organizations are starting to view investments in CRM and marketing applications within the context of a larger exercise in business process management (BPM).

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Want Good DevOps Pros? It Will Cost You

The success of any DevOps project rests on the ability of enterprise management to attract the right people and put them in the right environment that allows creativity to flourish, but not at the expense of efficiency or positive outcomes.

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IT Downloads

DataCtr5 Colocation Checklist

This checklist will help make sure you ask the important questions that will affect your colocation services and your eventual purchase decisions.

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Strategy2.jpg Case Studies in Strategic Planning

Chapter 1 delves into the first four stages of systematic strategic planning, including clarifying current conditions, identifying competitive advantages, defining opportunities and developing strategies.

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Compliance2 Building a GRC Program: Assessing Stakeholder Needs and Readiness

This table outlines the top needs of each stakeholder group that can help guide your conversations on priorities and needs for the GRC program.

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email9 Trustworthy Email

This document provides recommendations and guidelines for enhancing trust in email, including transmission and content security recommendations.

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