Chip Design Starts to Target AI

The foundation of good AI will be in silicon, but the real magic will come through a top-to-bottom reimagining of the data ecosystem.

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15Five: Finally a Performance Review That Makes Sense

The employee review process in most companies is badly broken, leading to low morale and an inability to effectively grow employees into the assets they might otherwise become. 15Five has created a credible review process.

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Why Your Enterprise Needs Business Process Management Now More Than...

Most business executives do not have a firm grasp of business process management and what level of investment is required to truly digitize a business process on an end-to-end basis.

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What Enterprise Should Know About GRC

Successful GRC programs require significant business involvement to help identify, prioritize and mitigate risks. Know what you need and what your goals are.

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HP Post Turnaround: Visions of the Future

The technologies that HP is looking at and investing in represent its response to mega trends and they are equally fascinating.

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