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    The Struggles & Solutions to Bias in AI

    AI software struggles with implicit bias, but if trained correctly, it can also solve those issues. Learn more now.

    Salesforce Applies More AI to Sales Management

    The company has created a unified revenue management command center by combining its Einstein AI platform and Tableau software.

    Top 10 In-Demand IT Certifications 2021

    Businesses are accelerating digital transformation, increasing the need for knowledgeable IT staff. Here are the best IT certifications to get now.

    Micron Showcases How to Create Pay Equity

    Micron recently showcased how to fix pay inequity by shifting your employee mix more aggressively to women and minorities.

    Creating Better Employees with Better Education

    Education, no matter what age or stage of career, is a valuable tool in maintaining skills in an ever-changing technological world.

    Data Management with AI: Making Big Data Manageable

    Companies generate millions of bytes of data each day. Find out how AI can sort through big data for actionable insights.

    Best BI Tools 2021: Business Intelligence Software

    BI Tools collect, analyze and monitor a company's data providing perspective & future trends. Compare BI software now.

    Challenging Post-Pandemic Workplace Harassment

    Tech companies must address workplace harassment as hybrid work models reinvigorate bad habits that often plague office environments.

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