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    Establishing a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

    A Software Bill of Materials is a great tool to manage issues with open source software. Learn how developers are using SBOMs now.

    Intel Makes Strides in its DE&I Efforts

    The company is addressing it poor record on diversity by stepping up efforts to be more inclusive and fair to women and minorities in tech.

    How Micron Fixed the Diversity Labor Pool Problem

    The company has diversified its workforce in a moment when the industry is forced to reckon with old exclusionary hiring practices.

    Best IT Project Management Tools & Software 2021

    Project Management Tools assist in collaboration, time management, budgets & more. Explore top software for your IT projects now.

    Top 10 In-Demand IT Certifications 2021

    Businesses are accelerating digital transformation, increasing the need for knowledgeable IT staff. Here are the best IT certifications to get now.

    Using ERP to Transition to a Digital Enterprise

    ERPs are being reinvented from back-end systems to Digital Operations Platforms. Here is how that is helping digital business transformation.

    Mainframes Still Matter in the Digital Business Transformation Age

    At more than 60 years old, mainframes continue to run mission critical applications. Here is how they remain central to IT strategies.

    The Impact of Container Architecture on IT Development

    Containers are increasingly being used in IT infrastructures. Here is how they are spurring developments in IT.

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