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    NVIDIA Aims to Bring AI to the 5G Edge

    The company’s network cards are based on Arm processors that can run AI inference engines on edge computing platforms.

    Aruba Infuses More AI into Network Management

    The company aims to help distributed enterprises navigate new work models with cloud native AIOps, security, IoT features, and more.

    Top Edge Computing Companies of 2021

    Edge computing processes data at the point of transmission with less data sent to the cloud. Explore top companies now.

    Intel Makes Building 5G Platforms at the Edge Easier

    The company’s new Network Platform offers the infrastructure needed to accelerate 5G networking services roll out.

    Cisco Takes Aim at Cost of Network Operations

    Cisco has updated its DNA Center software to enable IT organizations to now automate tasks across twice as many...

    Digital Twins to Transform Network Management

    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital twins were a somewhat esoteric emerging technology that was being used to, for...

    Best IoT Device Management Platforms & Software 2021

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has broken out from its smart home roots to become a full-fledged game changer...

    Networking’s Future is in the Distributed Cloud

    A titanic battle for control over the future of enterprise has begun in earnest with the rise of distributed...

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