Can Hologram Technology Replace Business Travel?

    Hologram technology offers an interesting alternative to business travel. Find out if it can replace travel for your company.

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    Dell underscored that well-designed and delivered keynotes can be attention grabbers during its latest summit.

    Intel Makes Strides in its DE&I Efforts

    The company is addressing it poor record on diversity by stepping up efforts to be more inclusive and fair to women and minorities in tech.

    Why the Tech Industry Struggles with DE&I

    The tech industry is dominated by White and Asian men. Find out why it struggles with DE&I and what changes can help improve disparities.

    Crestron and the Equity of Experience in New Workplace...

    Crestron’s VP of UC talks with ITBE about its partnerships with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and how catering to hybrid workspaces has ushered in new communication approaches.

    Challenging Post-Pandemic Workplace Harassment

    Tech companies must address workplace harassment as hybrid work models reinvigorate bad habits that often plague office environments.

    5 Unified Communications Trends Defining a Post-COVID-19 World

    UC is becoming more widespread by the day in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era. Here are 5 trends accelerating its adoption.

    Best UCaaS Providers 2021

    UCaaS integrates multiple forms of communication into a single cloud-based platform. Explore top UCaaS providers now.

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