Cloud Security Woes Give Rise to Integrated CNAP Platforms

    Cloud applications are rife with misconfigurations that can be exploited. Here is how Cloud-Native Application Protection platforms can help.

    Palo Alto Networks Unveils Okyo Garde Cybersecurity Solution

    The enterprise-grade, mesh-enabled solution is aimed at work-from-home-employees and small businesses.

    Case Study: How odix Protects Clariter from Email Malware

    Phishing causes a large number of global breaches. Find out how odix protects Clariter from email malware.

    Bad Bots & Online Retail: A Q&A With DataDome

    Bad bots are a huge problem for online retailers. We chatted with DataDome to find out how you can protect your e-commerce store.

    Top EDR Tools & Software 2021

    EDR Tools monitor network endpoints for cybersecurity threats as they access the network. Compare top software now.

    Best Use Cases for Virtual Data Rooms

    Virtual data rooms are a secure way to store documents that will be accessed by multiple people at the same time. Here is how VDRs are used.

    Penetration Testing 101: An Overview with Bishop Fox

    We talked about the importance of penetration testing with Bishop Fox’s Matt Keeley. Read his tips now.

    Edge Computing Emerges as Next Big Cybersecurity Challenge

    As adoption of edge computing platforms grows, aggressive cybersecurity solutions are increasingly important to combating widespread threats.

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