AppDynamics vs Dynatrace: Monitoring Tool Comparison

    Monitoring is necessary for organizations to ensure that the system in use is running efficiently. The information technology (IT) infrastructure of organizations is continuously growing and monitoring its various aspects can be quite laborious and pose difficulties if not done correctly. 

    When it comes to development and operations (DevOps), monitoring and observability play a crucial role in the performance of a team. Regardless of the size of an organization, you cannot ignore the necessity for a tool to help monitor IT infrastructure.

    A monitoring tool continuously keeps track of the status of IT infrastructure to detect problems, defects or failures and to improve them. 

    There are monitoring tools for applications, website and Internet usage, performance, security, databases, networks and servers and it is ideal to incorporate a solution that covers multiple aspects of IT infrastructure monitoring. 

    Read on to learn about the continuous monitoring offerings of AppDynamics and Dynatrace.  

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    What is AppDynamics monitoring?

    AppDynamics by Cisco is a business-first observability platform that quickens your digital transformation with the insights you require most. The full-stack observability tool provides complete visibility, intelligent insights and automated action.

    Key Differentiators 

    • Mutualize full-stack performance with key business metrics and rapidly mitigate problems before they affect the bottom line.
    • Ensure a flawless user experience at every touchpoint by visualizing the digital experience between your users and the business. 
    • Spot every application issue in real time.
    • Visualize and optimize each component of your IT infrastructure.
    • View the external networks your applications rely on to collect insights and swiftly resolve problems with any Internet Service Provider (ISP), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Domain Name System (DNS), or third-party provider.
    • The monitoring tool enables you to detect security and application code vulnerabilities in double-quick time with unified security, performance, and business insights. 

    Pricing: In addition to a 15-day free trial, AppDynamics is available in four packages: Infrastructure Monitoring Edition, Premium Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Real Time Monitoring. Enterprise Edition is ideal for business observability and costs $90 per month, per central processing unit (CPU) core. You can request a custom quote as well. 

    What is Dynatrace monitoring?

    Dynatrace is a unified monitoring platform that provides full-stack observability. Dynatrace provides application performance monitoring, cloud, container, and infrastructure monitoring, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), digital experience monitoring and business and performance analytics.

    Key Differentiators 

    • Dynatrace monitors and analyzes your IT infrastructure and eradicates the need for multiple monitoring tools. 
    • Deliver more value, collaborate efficiently, innovate quicker and ensure application performance.
    • Reap the benefits of advanced observability across your IT infrastructure with continuous auto-discovery.
    • The monitoring tool’s AI continuously looks for issues and spots the root cause.
    • Enhance user experiences by ensuring every application is efficient, fast, functional and available.
    • Enable more efficient business and IT collaboration by gaining real-time visibility into business key performance indicators (KPIs). 

    Pricing: Dynatrace’s Full-Stack Monitoring package costs $69 per month, for 8GB per host. 

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    Dynatrace vs AppDynamics: What are the differences?

    Here is how the monitoring tools compare:

    Meets Requirements
    Real-Time Monitoring
    Ease of Use
    Ease of Setup
    Ease of Administration
    Ease of Doing Business With
    Session Replay
    Behavioral Analysis
    Usage Monitoring
    Database Monitoring
    Application Programming Interface (API) Monitoring
    Service and Support
    Willingness to Recommend
    Overall Capability Score

    Choosing Monitoring Tools

    Continuous monitoring tools play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your IT infrastructure. AppDynamics and Dynatrace are among the best monitoring tools on the market today and offer full-stack observability. While we have discussed the key features of each monitoring tool, you should dive further into the offerings of each product.

    Compare both solutions thoroughly and choose one that best represents your organization’s needs.

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    Surajdeep Singh
    Surajdeep Singh
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