Novell Looks to Recapture Its Former Email Glory

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    Novell may not be the industry powerhouse it once was but after being acquired by Attachmate it appears to still have plenty of fight.

    With the release of GroupWise 2014 today, Novell is once more making staking a claim to email in the enterprise. In addition to coexisting with Microsoft Exchange environments and providing better integration with Microsoft Active Directory, the latest version of Novell GroupWise also includes broader support for mobile computing devices.

    Dean Lythgoe, director of product management for Novell, says that despite all the hype surrounding cloud computing, most organizations still prefer to run their email systems on-premise. The issue they face is that because the dominant email system being used by most IT organizations is so complex to manage, many of them feel they have no choice but to move to the cloud. Novell GroupWise 2014 provides an on-premise alternative that is easier to manage, at a much lower total cost, and also more secure, says Lythgoe.


    In addition to providing support for a broad range of mobile-computing devices, Novell has also developed its own mobile client that runs on Windows.

    Finally, Novell has developed a Web-based administration console for GroupWise 2014 that can be accessed from any device.

    Novell may have a long way to go before it recaptures any of its former glory. But at a time when many organizations are trying to figure out their next email move, more than a few are going to consider options that go well beyond typical email solutions.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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