Six Reasons Windows 8 Could Be a Threat to the iPad

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Click through for six Windows 8 features that could give the iPad a run for its money, as identified by Karl Volkman, tech expert at SRV Network, Inc.

With Apple’s announcement of their new 4G iPad, its improved features will surely pave the way for its success. Clamor in the tech world begs the question though: Is there ever going to be any real competition for Apple?  The long-awaited answer may finally be here:  Windows 8.

While most new devices don’t make the cut, Microsoft’s new Windows 8 is said to be the closest rival to the newest iPad.  In fact, Windows 8 may actually beat the iPad in some ways.  Tech expert Karl Volkman of SRV Network, Inc. offers his insight into the matter by highlighting six key features of Windows 8.

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