Five Ways to Stay Productive While Working Remotely

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There's an App for That

Make the most of apps designed to help you work remotely. Prioritizing online tools and applications can be really useful on your trip. For example, apps that organize your travel itineraries such as the airline's app may be useful for checking flight status, a weather app lets you check local conditions, time zone apps are useful when traveling far distances, maps will help you navigate once there and translation apps can help cut through language barriers. Also consider productivity apps such as conferencing smartphone apps designed to help you conduct your work with as little disruption as possible, no matter where you are.

By leveraging a useful and usable app, you and your colleagues will have less frustrating conference calls, leading to higher satisfaction and productivity. While these collaboration apps are largely deployed onto smartphones, use of business apps on tablets seems to be steadily increasing, and native apps are strongly preferred (77 percent).

Enterprise professionals are often on the move, working on the next big sale or strategizing new partnership negotiations, so they are aware of the challenges that working remotely poses for productivity. Enterprise professionals also need to stay on top of their work in the interim, whether that's from a hotel room, train station or airport. A major factor to being productive on the road is communication and collaboration.

There's no magic bullet, but the essentials are to make sure to have the right tools at your disposal while on the move to communicate with your teams in ways that fit your needs, as well as being flexible, clear and direct in your communication (especially when collaboration is asynchronous rather than real-time, as is often the case across multiple time zones). Because reliability and availability are essential for a worker on the move, here's an outline of five ways to stay productive while working remotely from web collaboration experts LoopUp.


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