Job Description: Server Support Manager

    Job Description: Server Support Manager

    A Server Support Manager is responsible for defining and improving the operations of this vital team. This sample job description will help you evaluate candidates for this critical hire.

    The attached document is a typical job description for a Server Support Manager.

    Typical job responsibilities for this position include:

    • Enable an environment that rewards innovation and effective problem solving.
    • Create and continuously improve processes by which the support team
    • Enhance the customer experience by fostering an environment of service
    • Work collaboratively with the sales team to ensure solutions meet customer
    • Define service level agreements (SLAs) both internally and with our
    • Define metrics to ensure we are meeting those SLAs and holding the support team
    • Develop structure within our support team to ensure we are meeting business

    The attached Zip file includes:

    • Intro Page.doc
    • Server Support Manager.doc

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