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    With smartphones ubiquitous in the workplace, security becomes a top concern, since these devices often contain important, even sensitive, information. BlackBerry users have a number of applications to choose from in order to locate a missing device, manage passwords or block spam.  It would behoove IT staff to select apps they want users to have, as company-approved security apps.

    Here we have highlighted six paid and free BlackBerry security applications available from BlackBerry App World.

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    Click through for six handy security apps from the BlackBerry App World.

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    If unwanted access to your BlackBerry is a concern, you may want to check out Melon JSC’s Security Lock application. For $2.99, Security Lock promises to password-protect your BlackBerry and any applications that may contain sensitive data or important information.

    Cost: $2.99

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    The DataVault bundle for BlackBerry and Windows desktops from Ascendo Inc. will store confidential information like credit card numbers, passwords and PINs using “powerful encryption and advanced security features.” This bundle, which costs $29.99, offers an unlimited number of categories and types and two-way synchronization with DataVault for BlackBerry and DataVault for Windows Desktop.

    Cost: $29.99

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    Looking for a security application that offers call blocking and anti-theft and recovery? Take a gander at SmrtGuard Mobile Security by Smrtphone Solutions Inc. This free app will help you find a lost or stolen phone, as well as create “blacklists” for unwanted calls. It also offers a Personal Guardian feature that lets you send out emergency distress calls with the push of a button.

    Cost: Free

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    This free application scans NetQin’s cloud security database and alerts you when viruses, malware or spyware is detected. NetQin Anti-virus also boasts an anti-theft feature that lets you remotely lock and/or locate your missing phone.

    Cost: Free

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    Tired of being bothered by spam messages? AFBB’s Email Spam Filter application allows you to define rules that will automatically remove spam messages as they arrive in your inbox. This free application lets you create spam filters using the BlackBerry menu button. Manage those filters right from your Email Message app. This software works silently in the background, so workflow is not disrupted.

    Cost: Free

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    Should your BlackBerry fall into the wrong hands, Mobile Security will let you remotely wipe all confidential data via an SMS text. If an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into the stolen device, an alert will be sent out to a pre-defined number/email address. This application runs $9.99. A free 30-day trial is available.

    Cost: $9.99

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