Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire

    Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire

    To develop a successful business continuity plan, your organization must first understand which processes and systems are most vital.

    The purpose of a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) is to shine the light on critical business processes and identify which business units, operations and processes are essential to the company’s survival. The BIA is the first step in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

    This sample Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire illustrates some of the typical questions the line of business needs to answer. The person who executes the BIA will “score” each business process based on the responses to provide a starting point for prioritizing those processes. The BIA helps inform the lines of business and IT department about which processes (and supporting systems) need to be recovered first.

    Included in this zip file are:

    • Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire.doc
    • Intro Doc.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf

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