eVoice Survey Shows SMBs Are Picky About Mobile Apps

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    An SMB virtual phone service company, eVoice, released results of its mobile app survey, which revealed some surprising results. Of the small to midsize businesses surveyed, almost 50 percent felt that mobile communication apps were integral for business success, but 44 percent said you must be selective about the apps you choose to use.

    Over one in four respondents had downloaded between six and 10 apps to their mobile devices, while nearly half of those surveyed use only one to five business apps. And of those users, 45 percent say they pay for fewer than 10 percent of the business apps they download to their mobile devices.

    Surveyed users also claimed that they could tell within a week whether a business app is effective enough for continued use. Those users also cited not living up to its hype, lackluster performance or glitches as the top reasons for deleting a business app.

    Mobile apps that respondents identified as good for business include:

    • Communication apps (e.g., Skype, eVoice)
    • Productivity and reference apps (e.g., Evernote, Lumosity)
    • Entertainment apps (e.g., YouTube, Hulu)

    Another 39 percent of those surveyed like to download free versions of apps before deciding to pay for the full business app. 19 percent of SMB users would “consider paying for a business app,” while 11 percent “would very likely pay.”

    Since analysts predict that SMBs will likely drive a huge surge in mobile usage, it would behoove business app developers to pay attention to reports such as this and create new apps accordingly.

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