'Tools for Project Management, Workshops, and Consulting' Excerpt

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This book chapter emphasizes the "solution path" to solving problems and describes the four basic problem-solving process steps. It's a valauble resource for anyone wanting to get into the consulting business or simply get things done.

Written by professional consultant and executive coach Nicolai Andler, "Tools for Project Management: A Must-Have Compendium of Essential Tools and Techniques" is a unique reference work and guide for those wanting to learn about or be active in the fields of consulting, project management and problem-solving in general. As such, it presents cookbook-style access to more than 100 most important skills.

Nicolai Andler's work differs from many other consulting and project management textbooks. While these primarily concern themselves with the art of running a consulting practice or managing a project, Andler's work focuses mainly on the tools and techniques of the trade. Its power lies in acknowledging that these form part of today's management competencies.

This excerpt is from the "Problem solving" section of chapter 2 ("The concept and application of this book"). This section:

  • Emphasizes the "solution path" to solving problems
  • Explores and compares different problem solving approaches
  • Describes the four basic problem-solving process steps
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Nicolai Andler graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a combined Masters of Commerce and Masters of Chemical Engineering degree with distinction. He also holds a Master of Management degree from the French Graduate School of Business in Toulouse with a specialization in ‘management of multinational groups’ and ‘international business strategies.’ Before founding his own company, the Ignite Group, Andler was a senior consultant with an IT and CRM consultancy. Prior to working in the IT consulting field, he had freelance experience in management consulting in Europe and several years of management consulting with an international management consultancy in South Africa.

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