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Job Description: Senior Software Security Engineer

The Senior Software Security Engineer is responsible for building a world-class program that embeds security into every aspect of the dev process.

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Security is a core value at our company and safeguarding sensitive customer information is critical to our continued success. This position is responsible for building a world-class program that embeds security into every aspect of the development process, integrates automated security testing, and maintains an ongoing security training and certification process for staff members.


  • Build an industry-competitive domain security lead program to embed security expertise within each scrum team.
  • Integrate automated security testing (including both static and runtime) capabilities into an evolving CI/CD program.
  • Update, maintain, and deploy new training programs for new hires, annual certification, and expert-level developers (including brown bag lunch-and-learns).
  • Develop and deliver consistent automated metrics covering 20+ aspects of the software security program.
  • Develop and deliver internal events, including hackathons.
  • Develop security-related aspects of the application asset inventory program.
  • Maintain development standards, policies, and procedures.


  • Excellent communication skills and organizational savvy.
  • BS in Computer Science or similar technical field.
  • 5+ years experience delivering application security programs.
  • Expert understanding of production engineering with PHP and/or other popular technologies (development experience a must).
  • Strong familiarity with multiple software security paradigms including MSSDL, BSIMM, and CSSLP.
  • Conference presentation experience at major security events such as OWASP USA or Black Hat/DEFCON.
  • Working knowledge of all vulnerability classes on the OWASP Periodic Table of Vulnerabilities.

The attached zip file includes:

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