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This informative, comprehensive, yet practical guide provides readers with a complete toolkit of how to approach global sourcing successfully. This excerpt is comprised of chapters 1 ("Overview of issues and opportunities") and 2 ("Creating a sourcing strategy").

This informative, comprehensive, yet practical guide provides readers with a complete tool-kit of how to approach global sourcing successfully. Based on real-world experiences on implementing and sustaining global sourcing, the book provides readers with key guidance on:

  • Foundations of strategic sourcing
  • Management, risk, governance and legal considerations
  • Transition planning and the end-game
  • Future trends, summary and lessons learned
  • Organizational change, innovation and relationship management
  • Successful principles for new business development from a service provider perspective

This excerpt is comprised of chapters one ("Overview of issues and opportunities") and two ("Creating a sourcing strategy").

Chapter one includes a discussion of the opportunities and challenges presented by questions of "shoring," provides historical context for global sourcing and identifies leading players in the outsourcing market. Chapter two evaluates the pros and cons of selected sourcing models and provides a customer sourcing planning checklist.

This excerpt is from "Implementing Strategic Sourcing: A Managers Guide to World Class Best Practices" © Van Haren Publishing and is obtainable from www.vanharen.net. The book was written by Christine V. Bullen, Richard LeFavre and Gad J. Selig.

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