Keep Your Data Center’s Carbon Footprint in Check

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    Six Tips for a Greener Data Center

    Create better airflow in the data center.

    In a recent post, our own Arthur Cole addressed a controversial piece in The New York Times that examined power utilization rates in data centers. While many argued that the numbers presented in the piece were misleading, Cole pointed out that the core of the debate really centers on the concept of “greenness.”

    Appropriate efficiency levels haven’t exactly been spelled out for the data center industry, so it’s tough to know what to compare your data center’s measurements against. But it’s still important that administrators look for ways to reduce consumption, whether it’s for the environment, cost-cutting measures or all of the above.

    If you’re looking for ways to lessen your data center’s carbon footprint, you’ve come to the right place. Below are just a few tools from the IT Downloads library that can help you “green” your data center.

    Data Center Power and Cooling Requirements Calculator: Power and cooling will be the main expense of operating your data center over the long haul. Use this Excel-based tool to determine the range of cooling, power and standby power requirements (and costs) of your project.

    ‘Grow a Greener Data Center’ Excerpt: The book chapter discusses the bottom-line benefits of building out “green” data centers, as well as incentive programs and brand enhancement that come along with keeping the environment in mind.

    Building the Green Data Center: This guide covers the essential elements involved in building an energy-efficient green data center, focusing on management, measurement, technology and best practices.

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