Create a Job Description That Attracts Top IT Project Managers

    Whether you’re a busy IT manager or a qualified project manager, this Job Description: IT Project Manager (Security) Download has all the qualifications for success. For the hiring manager, it provides a real-world job description for a security-passionate project manager. And for the project manager who is looking for a resume style that will gain them access to the interviewer, this description provides examples of what the hiring team hopes to find in the right candidate.

    This job description details the daily and career-long experiences that successful candidates will have in their backgrounds. It explains tasks that the candidates will need to perform and spells out the expectations of the position. All you will need to do is fill in the details about your company’s specifics, and you’re ready to post the job.

    For experienced project managers who are looking to get into the field of IT security, the document lists a few expectations that hiring managers will be looking for. It also relays information about what hiring managers require of candidates who are hoping to enter into a project management position within the area of IT security. Activities for the job listed include:

    • Manage IT security consulting projects from start to finish following our project management methodology
    • Perform full life-cycle project management for large and mid-range Microsoft-based development projects, responsible for all aspects of project, schedule, budget and resource management
    • Communicate regularly via formal and informal methods with our team and client team members to ensure… client expectations are being met…

    Recent security threats have boosted the hiring of IT security professionals in many companies, so IT project managers who have experience in security are in demand. Those hiring and those job searching are both looking for the right terminology and experience list to attract the best candidates and find the perfect position, respectively.

    Job searchers will also find keywords and experience details that hiring managers search for among the stacks of resumes they receive. To make sure your resume stands out from the crowd, take some of the listed activities within this download and see how your own experiences fit. Then, use the same terminology to create your interview-winning resume.

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