Are These Hot Cloud Keywords on Your Resume?

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    New jobs in data processing, hosting and related services are being created at a furious pace, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and a look at hiring efforts leads to believe that cloud services providers are playing a significant factor in that growth. What keywords are they using to identify strong candidates? As with any other search area, some keywords float to the bottom of the list, while others become more dominant in the language of cloud. Let’s take a look at areas of focus, based on recruiting searches on Dice’s Open Web, which aggregates information on tech professionals across the Internet, whether they are actively searching for a position or not.

    Vendor names: Dice finds that almost half of cloud-related searches contain “Amazon Web Services.” While that’s wonderful for those with AWS experience, it’s also good for those who can list other specific vendors or vendor products, in order to match those specific searches. And if experience with AWS or another hosting service gets a recruiter’s attention, that can open the door to opportunities to work with related services.

    Open source: Again, specificity makes the recruiter’s job easier, so searches for open source programming languages are frequent.

    DevOps: Got development and operations skills to offer? Highlight them separately and together; this powerful combination skill set is appearing more and more frequently in searches.

    Solution: It’s not specific, but it’s frequent. Dice draws the conclusion that this term is in high rotation in searches for more consulting and salespeople which, in turn, will lead to more job growth on the technical side, as well, for these cloud service providers. It won’t hurt to include this keyword in your resume, even if you’re not seeking anything on the sales or consulting end of the spectrum.

    The “cloud computing” term has become so ubiquitous that it has less and less value in several contexts, not least of which is in IT hiring and recruiting. Use precious space in your resume for keywords that are connecting recruiters and hiring managers with highly skilled candidates, like you.

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