Virtustream to Deploy Cloud Foundry PaaS

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Later this year, Virtustream, the public cloud computing arm of EMC, will make available a distribution of the Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS) environment curated by Pivotal, another EMC sister company, as part of an effort to significantly expand the number and types of workloads running on the platform.

Speaking at the EMC World 2016 conference this week, Virtustream president and CTO Kevin Reid revealed that Virtustream plans to make available both multi- and single-tenant instances of Cloud Foundry.

While Virtustream is a long way from being one of the leading public cloud computing platforms, it will soon be one of the major business units to emerge from the newly christened Dell Technologies after the merger of EMC and Dell is completed this summer.

For the most part, Virtustream has focused its efforts on running SAP applications on top of a micro virtual machine platform optimized for transaction applications. Most recently, Virtustream also added support for Oracle applications and, earlier this week, unveiled a cloud storage platform using EMC object storage software that is compatible with the S3 application programming interface (API) defined by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Arguably, the most significant aspect of the emphasis that is being put on Virtustream within the Dell Technologies group of companies is that it signals that the new entity plans to compete much more aggressively against cloud service providers that, rather than buying equipment from Dell Technologies, rely more on their own engineering expertise to build clouds based on white boxes. From the perspective of Dell Technologies, the application workloads running on those public clouds represent lost business that otherwise would be running in an on-premise data center. Rather than ceding the business altogether, it’s starting to look like the new Dell Technologies entity has just begun to fight for its share of the public cloud computing market.