5 Tips for Modernizing Your Business Workplace in 2016

    Modernizing all aspects of the workplace – from business processes to workplace culture – is inherent to meeting the expectations of the evolving workforce. Despite technology improving and streamlining processes, many companies are still struggling to change their business models to adapt to the new ideals of the modern workplace such as collaboration, transparent communication and mentorship.

    Outdated practices may mean missing out on top talent who look for innovative and creative work environments. If a company is stuck on archaic processes, they risk facing costly consequences.

    In this slideshow, Jacqueline Breslin, director of human capital services at TriNet, cloud-based provider of HR services, shares tips for modernizing the workplace to help organizations navigate emerging workplace trends and issues to stay competitive.

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    The Workplace of Tomorrow

    Click through for tips on modernizing the workplace and navigating emerging workplace trends, as identified by Jacqueline Breslin, director of human capital services at TriNet.

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    Break Barriers to Retain Talent

    Move toward a teamwork-driven and relationship-oriented working environment by training managers on how to model and lead collaboratively. The traditional boss-subordinate relationship impedes most employees’ development, and today’s workforce appreciates a team-based approach over hierarchical structures. A collaborative workplace where employees are part of the decision-making process is more successful as that workplace has the opportunity to plan its future success based on the work on the front lines.

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    Cultivate Clear and Consistent Feedback

    Employ new technologies to update antiquated performance management processes, and consider providing updated training for managers to ensure they’re providing constant and direct feedback. According to a recent TriNet study, poorly administered performance reviews drive one in four working millennials to search for a new job, and 69 percent of millennials see their company’s review process as flawed. Fostering an environment where ongoing feedback is possible also helps managers and employees proactively address issues versus reacting to them.

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    Modernize Employee On-Boarding

    Rely on an integrated and modern interface to handle the logistical elements of employee on-boarding, while emphasizing company culture. Reflecting company culture through your on-boarding process is critical and can help reaffirm new hires made the right choice in joining a company, helping to increase performance and reduce turnover. New employees are more successful faster and earlier in their tenure when onboarding practices are easy and well organized. Using web-based on-boarding tools instead of burying new employees in stacks of paper allows them to focus faster on the role they were hired for.

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    Streamline Processes

    Use cloud-based technologies or applications that enable a connected, on-demand working style. Too many businesses still use standard paper and manual processes for things like expense reporting, time-off requests or tracking time despite its burden on employees. For example, according to a study TriNet conducted around the effectiveness of company expense processes, 78 percent of employees say they would be more productive if the expense reporting system at their company was easier to use. Many employees have little patience for dealing with paper. The important administrative pieces of their personal lives take place entirely online (banking, bill paying, etc.) and they expect their work life to be the same. Asking an employee to review and select benefits via a paper enrollment form makes the workplace seem out of touch.

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    Be Bold

    Share and implement a mission or company goals around social good and actively engage employees in your organization’s initiatives in achieving those goals. Most employees care deeply about their colleagues and like working together to tackle important societal issues. For example, in a recent Deloitte study, 60 percent of millennials said a “sense of purpose,” is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employer. A unified, bold and inspirational mission will help attract amazing candidates and retain incredible leaders.

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