VDI Heads for the Mainstream

Michael Vizard
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VDI Adoption Gains SMB Momentum

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has a bad reputation, especially among end users who tend to view it as the IT department impinging one of their essential liberties.

And yet VDI adoption continues to grow. Large enterprises, dealing with a host of issues that range from compliance to reducing the cost of IT management, like VDI. And now a new survey of 353 IT professionals conducted by Dimension Research on behalf of Pivot3, a provider of VDI appliances, finds that small-to-medium businesses (SMB) are starting to adopt VDI for many of the same reasons.

According to Olivier Thierry, chief marketing officer for Pivot3, the rise of the BYOD phenomenon, coupled with lower total costs to implement VDI, has a lot of IT organizations taking a second look at VDI. Thierry says the total cost of implementing VDI versus the total cost of managing PC endpoints is now roughly comparable. As many IT organizations look to upgrade their IT infrastructure, they are also putting the systems and networks in place that are needed to deliver more than adequate VDI performance. From an SMB perspective, Thierry contends that an appliance approach not only makes VDI affordable, but it becomes a whole lot easier to deploy and manage.

Factor in the security benefits and more secure IT environments that are centrally managed, and it starts to make VDI look like a much more appealing alternative, says Thierry.

Not every IT organization is going to have the political capital needed to overcome resistance to VDI among end users. But for those IT organizations that can convincingly make the case, VDI is starting to make a lot more sense, especially in the grand scheme of all the other more critically important things to the business that go well beyond providing maintenance services to individual devices.

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Feb 12, 2013 8:22 PM Lawrence Garvin Lawrence Garvin  says:
I’m curious as to what the actual “bad reputation” is among end-users with regard to VDI. If I were to speculate, I’d speculate that the organization is finally reigning in the unfettered (and unnecessary) lack of control that has existed on the organization’s desktops. This is one of the primary advantages to a VDI infrastructure – standardization. No doubt those desktop users who have had free reign to do whatever they want to do is now being threatened by VDI. Simply stated, smart organizations won’t let the inconvenience of end-users exploting privileges they never should have had to interfere with their opportunity, finally, of implementing a controlled, standardized desktop environment for their employees. Whether VDI is implemented in an organization should be a decision made by the business, not held hostage by gruntled end-users because somebody changed the size of their sandbox. For those employees who feel the need for that unfettered freedom on their desktop, I say point them in the direction of BYOD. Let them go buy their own device and then they can do what they want to it -- subject, of course, to the BYOD policies being put in place. (One would hope that an organi Reply
Feb 14, 2013 5:57 PM Lawrence Garvin Lawrence Garvin  says: in response to Lawrence Garvin
The commenting functionality seems to have [a] improperly translated apostrophes and single-quotes to the letter â, and unceremoniously truncated my post to 1212 characters, rather than enforcing the limit in the text-entry-box. Here is the remainder of the comment: (One would hope that an organization sophisticated enough to engage in VDI implementations, has already addressed the BYOD considerations.) Personally, I think VDI is a great solution for organizations of all sizes. I’m currently managing a half dozen Windows desktops in my house. I’m considering the advantages of a single server hosting those desktops, and it’s not that hard to see. Recently SolarWinds and Virtual Bridges jointly authored a blog series on implementing VDI that may be of interest to business owners and technology managers. Part One can be found on The Whiteboard at http://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/solarwinds-community/whiteboard/blog/2012/07/31/part-1-achieving-success-with-vdi-the-first-time Reply

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