FinalCode Provides More Granular Control over Data

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With the rise of mobile and cloud computing, keeping track of who is using which files, when and where, has become a compliance nightmare for most IT organizations. These days, most IT organizations still don’t really know who shared what data with whom and under what conditions.

To help IT regain control over how data is being shared inside and out of its organization, FinalCode created a namesake policy management tool that can be deployed as a virtual appliance. The latest release of FinalCode now adds the ability to enforce data policies both online and off, while making it simpler to map policies to the way an organization is structured.

Sporting a revamped user interface, FinalCode CEO Gord Boyce says the tool also now provides support for a range of CAD/CAM files that typically contain intellectual property that many organizations consider to be amongst their most valuable.


In general, Boyce says more IT organizations have not implemented file access and control systems because they have been challenging to install. FinalCode 5 addresses that issue by focusing on making FinalCode both simple to deploy and use, says Boyce.

These days, there’s no shortage of tools that claim they can apply policies to data wherever it goes. But the limited adoption of these tools in an age when interest in regulatory compliance has never been higher suggests much work remains to be done in terms of enabling IT organization to employ these tools in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible.