Alpha Software Aligns with Apperian to Manage Mobile Apps

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One of the things that is fundamentally different about mobile applications is that the development and management processes are generally much more closely aligned than with traditional desktop applications. Rather than building and managing applications in isolation, the need to constantly upgrade mobile applications forces a convergence of application development and management.

To that end, there has been a wave of integration between providers of mobile application development tools and mobile application management frameworks, one of the latest of which involves a partnership between Alpha Software and Apperian.

Bob Moore, vice president of mobile for Alpha Software, says that because Apperian makes its application programming interfaces (APIs) readily accessible, it’s a relatively simple endeavor to integrate application development and management processes.

In effect, Alpha Software and Apperian are working together to close a mobile application gap by making it simpler to apply policies and controls to applications at the time that developers are pushing them out to end users.

Longer term, it will be interesting to see how much the convergence of application development and management affects the rest of IT. After all, one of the primary reasons that there is a DevOps crisis in the first place is that IT has historically treated development and deployment of applications as two distinct functions. With more mobile applications under development than ever, it would appear that this issue might soon finally be forced for the better across all of enterprise IT.