Llanor Alleyne

    Llanor Alleyne is managing editor of a portfolio of enterprise IT and SMB technology sites, including IT Business Edge, Enterprise Networking Planet, and Small Business Computing. In an editorial career that has spanned nearly 18 years, Llanor previously held editorial leadership roles at Residential Systems Magazine, Digital Signage Magazine, and media company AVNation.TV. Previously the host of the Digital Signage Digest podcast, Llanor is committed to understanding the impact of technology on social mores and folkways. Her deep knowledge base includes audio/video integration, IoT/smart home, immersive tech, IT, and more.


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    More than $1.3 billion dollars were stolen from blockchain ecosystems in Q1 2022, highlighting a growing threat to the booming DeFi market.

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    Automated machine learning (AutoML) has become a tool to simplify steps in the ML process. Here’s what that means for enterprises.

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    The enterprise-grade, mesh-enabled solution is aimed at work-from-home-employees and small businesses.

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    Crestron’s VP of UC talks with ITBE about its partnerships with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and how catering to hybrid workspaces has ushered in new communication approaches.

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    The expansive order includes 72 initiatives spanning more than 12 federal agencies, including mandates to curb the economic power of Big Tech.

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