HelpSystems Launches the Automate Bot Store

    IT software company HelpSystems recently opened its Automated Bot Store, which provides pre-built bots to help customers to evolve automation projects using the company’s Automate robotic process automation (RPA) solution. The store’s bots interpret and run tasks, allowing organizations to accelerate their automation projects. 

    The Automate Bot Store features more than 150 free, downloadable bots for common tasks involving Microsoft applications, SAP, Zendesk, Salesforce, Adobe Creative Suite, and many more. Once users download a bot, they can implement it into their Automate environment and configure it to their needs — without writing any code.

    HelpSystems’ Ravi Dirckze, who serves as the company’s technical product manager, told IT Business Edge that Automate’s no-code automation works through form-based, drag-and-drop functionality that enables users to quickly build bots leveraging more than 600 pre-built automation actions. 

    The Automate Bot Store features more than 150 free, downloadable bots

    “Bots can be deployed as attended or unattended offering users strong deployment options in how they meet their automation needs,” Dirckze adds. 

    Other key features of the Automate Bot Store include: 

    • Bots that can be combined with HelpSystems services experts to build more robust, complex solution bots for customers. 
    • Bots that provide usable automation code that customers can modify and transform to their unique situation.

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    The Automate Recorder

    The platform also features the Automate Recorder, which allows users and developers to build, update, and create real-world automation for both desktop and browser-based applications to build automation even faster — achieved with a step recorder that allows users to test, debug, and update their recordings as well as interject decision-making logic to create recordings that mimic the more complex work done by humans.

    Drickze notes that the Automate Bot Store was created as a way to enhance HelpSystems’ RPA community and bring more value to its customers. 

    “Automate is already easy to use but we often hear from customers how important the need to scale automation is at their organization.” Drickze says. “The Bot Store allows them to download simple but critical tasks they can leverage as a new automated task, or they can leverage these bots as enhancements to processes they already have in place. For instance, many customers have built GUI based automations to applications but now want to harden their processes using an API connector bot.” 

    In addition to a user-to-user group called Automation Insiders, HelpSystems also provides RPA training and certification.

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    Llanor Alleyne
    Llanor Alleyne
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