NordVPN Enters Antivirus Market with Launch of Threat Protection

    VPN provider NordVPN has released Threat Protection, a new integrated feature in the NordVPN app that offers security against cyber threats by blocking phishing attempts, trackers, intrusive ads, infected files, and malicious websites. 

    The addition of the Threat Protection feature is part of a broader effort by NordVPN to shift into the cybersecurity space, notes Vykintas Maknickas, product strategist at NordVPN. 

    “With the introduction of Threat Protection, we will be able to offer more services and more comprehensive protection that doesn’t depend merely on your VPN connection,” Maknickas said in a statement. 

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    Threat Protection Features

    NordVPN has highlighted three kinds of threats that Threat Protection mitigates: 

    • Web trackers and malicious ads. The feature allows you to monitor and manage the blocked trackers in real time. 
    • Harmful websites. When used while browsing the web, the feature displays a warning prompt prior to the page loading—allowing you to exit instead of continuing on to a harmful site.
    • Infected files. When downloading files from the internet, the feature will scan for malware and, if no threats are detected, the file will be marked as safe without any interruptions. If  malware is found, the file will be deleted before it can do any harm. A log of the scanned files is always available for you to view. 

    To utilize Threat Protection, users need to download the latest OpenVPN version of the NordVPN app from the official website. Once enabled, the feature will protect users without them needing to connect to a VPN server. 

    Threat Protection is currently available for all macOS users and is being gradually rolled out for Windows.

    “Threat Protection takes what was once the task of antivirus software and merges it with NordVPN,” says Vykintas Maknickas, product strategist at NordVPN. “Regardless of how long you have been using the internet, you can end up falling victim to some kind of precarious website or download. This is exactly why Threat Protection was introduced — to add a layer of security to make your online browsing safer, cleaner, and more private.”

    Taking a Seat at the Cybersecurity Table

    NordVPN is part of Nord Security, which is aggressively moving toward being an all-around cybersecurity solutions provider. Earlier this month, the company merged with cybersecurity firm Surfshark to gain a great foothold in the digital security and privacy protection industries. The deal aims to streamline the collective resources of both companies while preserving their autonomy and providing a springboard for greater innovation. 

    “Consolidations in the global consumer cybersecurity market indicate the industry’s maturity,” said Vytautas Kaziukonis, founder of Surfshark. “They also bring new competitive challenges. Nord Security and Surfshark joining forces will set the ground to scale in different digital security dimensions, which is necessary to meet the growing requirements of our customers.”

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