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Microsoft Announces Deals with 74 Device Makers

News from the week including Microsoft's new partnerships, numbers on smartphone sales and VMware gains. More >

Arctic Wolf Networks Opens Security Operations Center

Security professionals provide a security information event management (SIEM) capability that serves to reduce internal IT security fatigue. More >

Midokura Provides More Network Virtualization Visibility

Midokura Enterprise MidoNet can be deployed in an OpenStack environment while still being integrated with existing VMware vSphere technologies. More >

Capital Expenditure Concerns Grow

Capital expenditure forecasts (capex) in the telecommunications sector remain a bit fuzzy – with the fuzziness pointing a little downward – for the months ahead. More >

5 Tips for Helping Your Data Scientists Do Their (Intended) Jobs

Even the best data scientists need support from business and IT units in order to perform their true role. More >

BMC SecOps Update: The Big Problem with Security and Compliance Is Process, Not Product

BMC SecOps Update is a mix of statistics and solutions. More >

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Ikanos: DSL Could Stand for ‘Definitely Still Living’

Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology has been on the endangered species list for years.

More >

Planning Around – and Through – Emergencies

The past few years have made one thing certain: Networks on occasion will be called upon to do more than normal.

More >

Driving Efficiency in Monitoring

Ensuring that networks are operating at peak efficiency has never been more important or more complex. A new layer of management — network packet brokers — is emerging to drive efficiencies in monitoring. Andy Huckridge tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that the approach enables packets to be sent only to the appropriate tools and that measurements over the entire path — not just one network within that path — can be made.

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6 Devices Poised to Disrupt Your Network in 2016

With all the new products being introduced to company networks, the opportunity for vulnerabilities and security and compliance complications continues to escalate for IT teams.

Windows 10 Forced Upgrade: Fighting Decades-Long Institutional Insanity

If you put aside safety, it is easy to argue that a user-focused company should let users run whatever version of the OS they want to run. But we have to consider security now.

The Human Factor: 5 Security Blunders People Keep Making

No matter how much you nag people, plead with them and warn them, these mistakes and risky behaviors never seem to end.

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