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Nashville Passes ‘One Touch Make Ready’ Ordinance

An ordinance helps Google Fiber, Cisco makes a deal with Salesforce and the OpenDaylight Project has introduced Boron. More >

Where Will the SDDC Take the Enterprise, and How Quickly?

Creating the SDDC will be no walk in the park, but working in one should be a snap compared to today’s complex infrastructure. More >

A Big Week in the LTE on Unlicensed Spectrum Battle

The long and winding road toward cellular carrier use of unlicensed spectrum took three steps this week. More >

Probable Yahoo Breach Spotlights Risks of Free Email Services

The news puts a spotlight on the risks of free email services and, in turn, how it can put businesses at risk. More >

Hedvig Makes the Case for Universal Data Plane

Hedvig is developing a Universal Data Plane that is designed to span storage systems running on premise and in the cloud. More >

Digital Realty Launches Services Exchange

Using the Services Exchange, an IT organization can set up direct network connections with specific public and private clouds. More >

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Ikanos: DSL Could Stand for ‘Definitely Still Living’

Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology has been on the endangered species list for years.

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Planning Around – and Through – Emergencies

The past few years have made one thing certain: Networks on occasion will be called upon to do more than normal.

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Driving Efficiency in Monitoring

Ensuring that networks are operating at peak efficiency has never been more important or more complex. A new layer of management — network packet brokers — is emerging to drive efficiencies in monitoring. Andy Huckridge tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that the approach enables packets to be sent only to the appropriate tools and that measurements over the entire path — not just one network within that path — can be made.

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5 Essential Skills for the IT Leader

Successful IT leaders have to have very specific skills, but still know how to run a team, meaning they must master the so-called soft skills that are not taught formally.

EMC vs. HPE: The Difference Between Customer and Revenue Focus

HPE has a core problem in that it doesn’t instrument its customers and it appears to have forgotten why it does things.

Why and How to Build an Enterprise App Store

Enterprise app stores provide a single "shopping experience" for employees and support both a BYOD model and a self-service IT model.

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7 Ways the Internet of Things Will Impact ITSM

Security Staffing

Regardless of the pace at which businesses adopt the IoT, ITSM will have to evolve to deal with IoT-driven changes such as more connected nodes, data points and automation, all of which add complexity.

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The IoT: First the Deployment, then the Integration

Blue Medora Launches SaaS Tool to Monitor Heterogeneous Databases

Worksoft Applies Analytics to Business Process Discovery

The Ironic Outcome of Outthinking Status Quo for IBM


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