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Further Insights from a Former Vietnam POW Turned Leadership Adviser

Retired Air Force Col. Lee Ellis talks about millennials, gender differences at work and business leaders entering politics. More >

A10 Networks Acquires Appcito to Accelerate ADC Cloud Push

The acquisition of Appcito puts A10 Networks in a better position to service the growing demand for ADC functionality in the cloud. More >

Ethernet Slows Down with the Times

In essence, Ethernet is being told to slow down and smell the bits and bytes. More >

Are We Prepared for the Coming Threats with the IoT?

Anything connected to the Internet can be discovered and potentially infiltrated by a hacker. More >

HPE Partners with Workspot to Simplify VDI

A new VDI offering can be deployed in about an hour on an HPE Hyper Converged 380 platform. More >

Beyond the Public-Private Cloud Divide

The best solution will be the one that works, not the one that is close to home or out in the field. More >

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Ikanos: DSL Could Stand for ‘Definitely Still Living’

Digital subscriber line (DSL) technology has been on the endangered species list for years.

More >

Planning Around – and Through – Emergencies

The past few years have made one thing certain: Networks on occasion will be called upon to do more than normal.

More >

Driving Efficiency in Monitoring

Ensuring that networks are operating at peak efficiency has never been more important or more complex. A new layer of management — network packet brokers — is emerging to drive efficiencies in monitoring. Andy Huckridge tells IT Business Edge blogger Carl Weinschenk that the approach enables packets to be sent only to the appropriate tools and that measurements over the entire path — not just one network within that path — can be made.

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Top 25: Which Cities Pay Software Engineers the Best?

To get an accurate read on the value of software engineer salaries across the country, Glassdoor has identified the top 25 cities by calculating the 'real adjusted salary' for each city.

Pokemon GO: Security Nightmare for BYOD

Users are spending more time per day playing Pokemon GO than they are using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Why Session-Based Routers Will Fix the Internet

The router of tomorrow needs to operate differently and more intelligently to handle network demands such as IoT and increased video traffic driven by collaboration, monitoring and virtual reality.

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