ExtraHop Publishes Open API for Network Analytics Platform

Mike Vizard

There’s no shortage of machine data floating around enterprise IT organizations. The challenge is finding a way to easily make sense of it all.

With the launch today of the fourth generation of its Wire Data Analytics Platform, ExtraHop is moving to aggregate all that data via a new Open Data Context application programming interface.

Chris Blessington, senior director of marketing for ExtraHop, says that providers of IT management tools of any type will find themselves on the wrong side of history if they fail to open their APIs. IT organizations not only want to be able to analyze data generated by a particular set of technologies; they want to be able to correlate all that data using a NoSQL database against other sources of data to gain greater insight into the overall IT environment.

Extrahop Dashboard

In addition to publishing an open API, ExtraHop is now making it possible to store that data on third-party network attached storage (NAS) systems. ExtraHop has also expanded the range of real-time analytics tools it provides for analyzing network data and revamped the user interface the company created to access its data analytics platform.

No doubt, open APIs will transform the way IT is managed. It may even be possible to one day eliminate the need to swivel between multiple IT management consoles in favor of a single management platform that finally rules all. But none of that is ever going to happen unless IT organizations start insisting that IT vendors across the board publish open APIs that will put an end to IT management silos once and for all.

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