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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Drones and Balloons: COWs and COLTs Out, Loon and Similar Ideas In

21 Feb, 2017

Drones and balloons can be used to provide backup services in case of disaster; to supplement services at high use times, such as during popular sporting events; and to offer service economically to rural areas. ...More >

Charter Considers Fixed Wireless for Business Services

17 Feb, 2017

News this week included Charter's fixed wireless plans, big changes in tech trends, risks in connected cars, Bluetooth popularity, and Verizon's purchase of Skyward. ...More >

Is Critical Infrastructure Ready for Cyberattacks?

15 Feb, 2017

The protection of critical assets is haphazard and cybercriminals are growing more confident and ambitious in their selection of targets. ...More >

The 802.11ax Era Dawns

14 Feb, 2017

802.11ax, which has been under development for a few years, is about ready for primetime. ...More >

AT&T Goes Gigabit in Five More Metros, Open-Sources ECOMP

13 Feb, 2017

Key elements to upgrading AT&T's huge network to gigabit status will be software-defined networks and network functions virtualization (SDN and NFV), and ECOMP. ...More >

CableLabs Toys with Coherent Optics

10 Feb, 2017

News this week included coherent optics, IoT Security Group, virtualized networks and 5G tests. ...More >

Steps Toward Taking the IoT Truly Global

09 Feb, 2017

In addition to sheer numbers, the IoT must go everywhere. This includes the gaps between coverage in rural areas, unsettled areas, and over the seven oceans (and assorted seas, rivers and lakes) of the world. ...More >

Is Virtual Reality a Mainstream or Niche Category?

08 Feb, 2017

The issue is whether VR can carve out a significant niche in a landscape in which consumers have almost limitless entertainment choices. ...More >

Zero Rating Here to Stay

07 Feb, 2017

Zero rating basically refers to carriers offering content services from owned or affiliated entities without charging at all or fully for the data. ...More >

Internet of Things Security a Serious Problem But Help Is on the Way

06 Feb, 2017

The fear about IoT security is that elements are being rushed out quickly before security technology is baked in. ...More >

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