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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Proof that Mobile Payments Are Growing: A Super Bowl SNAFU

08 Feb, 2016

A mobile payment problem that occurred during the Super Bowl demonstrated significant usage. ...More >

Gartner: The Growth of Wearables Is Accelerating

05 Feb, 2016

A roundup of the news regarding wearables, Ubuntu, 5G and Bluetooth. ...More >

Big Vendors Prepare for the IoT

04 Feb, 2016

If the IoT does indeed realize all or most of its promise, vendors don't want to be left at the IoT station. ...More >

Unified Communications, Same as It Ever Was

03 Feb, 2016

Unified communications (UC) continues to be IT’s version of the high school student who yearns to sit at the cool kids’ table but never quite makes it. ...More >

Never a Dull Moment in the World of 802.11

02 Feb, 2016

One thing is certain: The world of 802.11 is constantly changing. ...More >

LTE-U: Peace in Our Time?

01 Feb, 2016

The disagreement between the Wi-Fi and LTE forces isn’t about whether the cellular companies can use LTE-U. They have as much right as anyone. ...More >

Comcast’s WiFi Pro Launches

29 Jan, 2016

News this week included Comcast's Wi-Fi Pro, new OCP members, the end of the terrible Java browser plugin, Apple Pay in ATMs and 5G projects. ...More >

The Small Cell Sector Is Growing Up

27 Jan, 2016

Small cell technology is a key to alleviating the bandwidth crunch and improving the quality of connectivity. ...More >

Optimizing LTE for the Internet of Things

25 Jan, 2016

These networks were optimized for fast service. It’s up to the ecosystem to figure out ways to cater to IoT traffic, which has very different dynamics from LTE networks. ...More >

Adtran: Good Demand for, the Next Version of DSL

22 Jan, 2016

News this week included demand numbers, Apple's Li-Fi, Google's Android revenue, an old Linux kernel vulnerability, and broadband classification debate points. ...More >

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