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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Good News for People in the 5G Business: You Are Living in Interesting Times

25 May, 2016

5G carriers are announcing friendly-user trials and executives are delivering keynotes to knowledgeable audiences. ...More >

Unified Communications Grows Bigger and Broader

24 May, 2016

UC vendors have to simultaneously keep up with more general technology while creating their own niche. ...More >

Zero Rating Likely a Question for the Next Administration

23 May, 2016

The proponents of zero rating may be right in that the damage done is not onerous and can be attributed to normal market turbulence. Those against the practice may be right in that it bestows an unfair advantage. ...More >

Time Warner Cable, We Hardly Knew Ye

20 May, 2016

News this week included TWC, AT&T and 5G, the long wait for IPv6, business continuity benefits and Nokia phones. ...More >

Android N’s Third Developer Preview

19 May, 2016

Google used its I/O 2016 developers' conference in Mountain View, California, this week to release the third public beta of the Android N OS. ...More >

Enterprise Wearables: The Next Big Thing Is Here

17 May, 2016

Though most of the news about wearables is on the consumer side, the category is perfectly suited to the workplace. ...More >

Return of the Franchise Wars?

16 May, 2016

Battles between municipalities and telecom providers didn’t stop with the end of what are referred to as the franchise wars. It seems that a dynamic is emerging that may be a version of that old tension between local governments and telecom players. ...More >

The Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Relationship

13 May, 2016

News this week included AR and VR, the end of Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 10, a decision on small cells from Sprint, the laplet, and the Action Cam. ...More >

May Is Good for Two Carriers, Bad for a Third

12 May, 2016

AT&T and Sprint announce enhancements to business services; the strike at Verizon is creating problems for its business customers. ...More >

Steady Progress in Cuba/U.S. Telecom Links

10 May, 2016

The opening of a formerly cloistered nation to U.S. telecom companies is unprecedented, so it is difficult to say whether progress is slow or fast. ...More >

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