Data and Telecom

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Big Week at the FCC: New Net Neutrality Rules, Power to the Munis

27 Feb, 2015

News this week included net neutrality, municipal broadband, iOS and Android (near) total dominance, dire mobile app security and super-fast wireless. ...More >

LTE’s Meteoric Growth Not Slowing Down

26 Feb, 2015

LTE leads to the use of more data and the purchase of bigger data plans. ...More >

Wearables at Work: Is the Enterprise Ready?

25 Feb, 2015

Wearable technologies may be coming to an enterprise near you and for many markets the gadgets will help save time and improve productivity. ...More >

A 5G Timeline Takes Shape

20 Feb, 2015

News this week included 5G, enterprise apps, virtualization's effect on cellular, SDNs and a shift in innovation. ...More >

IT Departments Must Learn the Cold, Hard DR/BC Facts

19 Feb, 2015

With the uncertainty introduced by global warming, it is irresponsible to assume next year won’t be as bad, or even worse. It is important to take special note of what can be done to prepare for next winter. ...More >

HTTP Gets a Facelift

18 Feb, 2015

The new version, HTTP/2, is far sleeker, efficient and built for today’s Internet. ...More >

Big Energy Users Moving to Renewable Sources

16 Feb, 2015

The proactive outlook on energy that companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon take will lead other businesses, both big and small, to follow suit. ...More >

Long Live the Kill Switch

13 Feb, 2015

News this week included kill switch success, 3D printed weapons, mobile growth in the workplace, Xiaomi in the U.S. and robots taking more of our jobs. ...More >

IPv6 Is Still on the Horizon

12 Feb, 2015

Several new developments show that IPv6 still hovers on the horizon, but will be in use before we know it. ...More >

For the IoT, Success May Spell Trouble

11 Feb, 2015

One potential issue with the current IoT security dynamic is a lack of standardization, and whether homogeneity will hurt security further. ...More >

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