Data and Telecom

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Numbers Show that the Public Cares About Net Neutrality

19 Sep, 2014

Tech news this week includes smartphone shipment numbers, Micron pushing SSDs, more on net neutrality, and 80211.ah. ...More >

3D Printing Gradually Moving to the Mainstream

18 Sep, 2014

More job postings are listing 3D printing as a required skill, and Microsoft has updated its 3D printing app in Windows 8.1. ...More >

BYOA Advantages and Challenges Similar BYOD

17 Sep, 2014

BYOD is more evolved than Bring Your Own Application which, in turn, is ahead of Build Your Own Application. ...More >

Brocade Strengthens Its NFV Play

16 Sep, 2014

Brocade's acquisition of Vistapointe puts it in a better position in regard to the SDN and NFV market. ...More >

Carriers Are Embracing VoWiFi

15 Sep, 2014

Leading carriers are beginning to offer voice over Wi-Fi services, which may include HD voice and could lower the costs of calls. ...More >

The Next Step: VoLTE Interoperability

12 Sep, 2014

News this week includes VoLTE interoperability, an acquisition by BlackBerry to bolster BYOD security and quantum dot liquid crystal displays. ...More >

Growing Mobile Management Sector Tries to Keep Up with Demand

11 Sep, 2014

BYOD and the proliferation of device types are just two of the contributing factors to a greater need for enterprise mobile management solutions. ...More >

On Phablets, Apple Plays Follow the Leaders

10 Sep, 2014

Apple will be a major driver of the trend. In this case, however, it is a follower and not a leader. ...More >

Small Cells, Big Growth

09 Sep, 2014

Small cells, which can support cellular or Wi-Fi, sit between the end-user devices and the macro cells that have handled traffic to date. ...More >

Voice Services Still Making Themselves Heard

08 Sep, 2014

In almost all respects, voice has become just another thing offered by cable, cellular and phone companies, but it's still making news. ...More >

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