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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Rural Broadband Still Challenging, but Progress Possible

26 Jun, 2017

Rural broadband continues to be a hot issue. Any discrepancy between speeds available in urban and suburban areas on one hand and rural areas on the other raises concerns. ...More >

The Unlicensed Un-carrier: T-Mobile USA Seeks FCC OK for LTE-U Tests

26 Jun, 2017

Unlicensed spectrum, as the name implies, is open to all comers. Therefore, it is a chaotic environment. ...More >

Cisco Passes the Torch from Humans to Machines

22 Jun, 2017

The virtualization of networks is based on the triumph of software over hardware. This new generation of software is awesomely smart and continues, day by day, to widen the gap between it and the humans who developed it. ...More >

Telemedicine Basically Healthy, with Some Complications

20 Jun, 2017

The promise of telehealth and telemedicine is profound, but lots of issues must be overcome. ...More >

Nothing Small or Easy About Smart Cities

19 Jun, 2017

Smart cities are the ultimate emerging platform in ways both good and bad. Positives include healthier and happier citizens, more efficient and environmentally responsible communities, and better services to attract and support businesses. ...More >

Ovum Aggressively Resets 5G Predictions

16 Jun, 2017

The trend line in the 5G world is that things are moving more quickly than planners thought they would a few years ago. Expectations are that the real start of 5G as a significant business, which was thought to be 2020, will be beaten. ...More >

Most, But Not All, Sing the Praises of Network Virtualization

14 Jun, 2017

Network virtualization is on the short list of most vital technologies being developed and implemented today. ...More >

Autonomous Vehicles: Electronic Superhighway Becomes More than a Metaphor

14 Jun, 2017

Autonomous vehicles are of interest to IT because work forces will have to be supported as the amount of work done from these vehicles grows in volume, sophistication and sensitivity. ...More >

Google Chrome Now the Top Browser

12 Jun, 2017

Few things have changed more drastically during the web era than the relative standing of web browsers. ...More >

Traffic Management Systems for Drones Assessed in Utah

09 Jun, 2017

It seems clear at this point that the future will involve large numbers of drones buzzing around. They will be taking video of the inside of a burning house to assess the situation here, delivering a package there. The priority, of course, is to perform all these tasks safely and efficiently. ...More >

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