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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

BlackBerry Phone Sales Down – Which May Not Be Too Big a Deal

24 Jun, 2016

As it edges away from oblivion, BlackBerry has simultaneously edged away from being a device company. ...More >

Industry’s 5G Foresight Better than 2020

22 Jun, 2016

The general consensus clearly is that the 2020 deadline for 5G services can be beat. ...More >

IBM Watson: Style and Substance

20 Jun, 2016

IBM Watson tends to generate a lot of news, since it’s a glitzy topic, as far as computing and IT go. And the initiatives are endless. ...More >

Ransomware: The News Is Always Bad

17 Jun, 2016

This week's news includes SCADA systems becoming targets of ransomware, the latest on IoT challenges, 5G test results and more. ...More >

We Will Always Need Crisis Communications

16 Jun, 2016

In crisis management, the first step happens before the storm: Create robust communications infrastructures, policies and procedures. ...More >

Cellular Carriers Go for Wi-Fi Calling

15 Jun, 2016

Wi-Fi calling has quickly become an established way to provide voice and text services. ...More >

Net Neutrality Set in Stone, For Now

14 Jun, 2016

It is beginning look as if net neutrality will be with us for a while. Certainly, it is embedded in our laws more firmly than it ever has been. ...More >

Bluetooth 5 Bringing a Significant Upgrade

13 Jun, 2016

Bluetooth 5.0 will double the speed and increase the range of the previous standard by a factor of four. ...More >

Big Numbers for LTE, Internet Control and Flying Cars

10 Jun, 2016

This week's news includes big numbers for LTE, congressional bills and flying cars. ...More >

Same Old, Same Old for Android – For Now, at Least

09 Jun, 2016

A look at where Google is with Android Marshmallow, Android N and a reported secret version of the OS. ...More >

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