Data and Telecom

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Autonomous Vehicles and Hacking

22 Jul, 2016

News this week included autonomous vehicle vulnerabilities, a Google Fiber delay, low demand for high-speed Internet in Tennessee, updating penetration testing strategies, and combining augmented and virtual realities. ...More >

Networking Choices in the IoT World

21 Jul, 2016

Networking IoT devices will be a massive undertaking, and there is room for more than one approach. ...More >

The Merger of Telecom and Artificial Intelligence

19 Jul, 2016

Artificial intelligence can be leveraged to anticipate rather than simply react to events, as less sophisticated AI platforms have done in the past. Telecom carriers are taking advantage. ...More >

The U.S. Invasion of Cuban Telecom Happening Slowly

18 Jul, 2016

Things are better between the U.S and Cuba, but nowhere near perfect, including in telecommunications planning. ...More >

The FCC Moves on 5G Spectrum

15 Jul, 2016

News this week included 5G spectrum, PC sales, TelePacific's SD-WAN, an FDIC hack, and digital transformation difficulties. ...More >

IoT Developers Face Long List of Challenges

14 Jul, 2016

All new platforms present questions and potential pitfalls. This will be especially true in the world of the IoT. ...More >

Software-Defined Networks Just Want to Get Along

13 Jul, 2016

The UNH-IOL and a couple of vendors have taken steps to ease the transition to SDN technology. ...More >

Companies Are Working Hard to Make the IoT More Secure

12 Jul, 2016

Many announcements have been made recently in regard to the IoT and security, suggesting that the industry is working hard to put people’s fears to rest. ...More >

5G: Which Came First, the Technology or the Standard?

11 Jul, 2016

Providers and vendors are announcing tests, choosing sides and generally building hype long before anyone knows precisely what 5G is. ...More >

Skype Meetings Goes After Small Businesses

08 Jul, 2016

News this week included Skype Meetings, telemental health service ratings, a CenturyLink fiber move, a Polycom sale, and numbers on mobile video revenue. ...More >

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