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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

The Success and Struggles of TV Everywhere Service

31 Jul, 2015

Tech news this week includes a report on the TV Everywhere service, Android OS goes to work, brain-to-machine sector growth, and Wi-Fi Sense woes. ...More >

HTML5's Rise Marked with Confidence and Some Security Concerns

30 Jul, 2015

HTML5 has proven to be an attractive platform for developers, but it is not without its faults. ...More >

Changes Roiling Cable Operators and Their Vendors

28 Jul, 2015

Changes in the way people get their video alongside, of course, changes in how they consume it have ramifications on vendors as well as operators. ...More >

The Smartphone Kill Switch Evolves

27 Jul, 2015

Recent data shows that mandatory smartphone kill switches have reduced thefts by 32 percent, but it's not without issues. ...More >

AT&T’s DirecTV Acquisition Is Likely to Happen

24 Jul, 2015

In this week's tech news, AT&T's DirecTV deal is a go, Qualcomm announces layoffs, Apple sells 4.2 million watches and Cisco gets out of set-top business. ...More >

Huawei, Others Pushing Growth of Rural Fiber, Broadband

22 Jul, 2015

Providing telecommunications services to rural areas has been a recognized challenge as long as the telephone industry has existed. ...More >

Look at All the Ways Lax Mobile App Security Can Bite Your Company

20 Jul, 2015

The number of apps brought inside the network and the lack of scanning is getting out of control. Take heed of advice on best practices. ...More >

Small Is Difficult for Chip Makers: Intel Delays 10 Nanometer

17 Jul, 2015

Tech news this week includes Intel processor delays, public assisted broadband, BYOD privacy and how the IIoT can help certain markets save time, money. ...More >

IoT, IIoT, M2M: Big Technologies with Fuzzy Definitions

16 Jul, 2015

Among the IoT, the IIoT, and M2M technologies, there is obvious overlap, but defining each clearly is quite a challenge. ...More >

Mobile OS News Beyond Android and iOS

15 Jul, 2015

Of course Apple iOS and Android have locked up the top two spots for mobile OSes, but is there a serious contender for third place? ...More >

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