Top Social Engineering Tricks and How to Avoid Them

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Phishing: Phishing schemes have evolved from the common “Nigerian Prince” scams to more sophisticated schemes that are much more difficult to identify. Phishing schemes today can look very believable, coming from a credit card company, car dealership, insurance company or even the organization’s human resource department. In order to avoid these schemes, it is important to look closely at the URL – and if it looks like there is a modification at the end of the URL – to not click on the link. If the target had already provided the social engineer with their browser information, the social engineer could then execute a specifically-crafted browser exploit, which could grant full access to the target’s computer.

Organizations and consumers alike need to be vigilant in protecting themselves against security threats, and it’s important to know what to look for. Social engineers are trained to deceive people into giving away access to confidential information, and they are being increasingly employed by organizations to uncover security vulnerabilities, which may come from unlikely sources. Peter Fellini, trained social engineer with Zensar Technologies, shares the top social engineering tricks and how to avoid them.


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