The Best Security Advice from Leading Experts

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Health Care Data a Prime Target for Cybercriminals

Nine out of 10 health care organizations have been breached since 2013. Cybercriminals are wreaking $6 billion in annual damage on America's largest private-sector industry. Why is health care data so vulnerable? First, the health care infrastructure is an easy target because its security is often outdated. Second, medical records are increasingly available online, and connected devices and the cloud provide a broader attack area. But most importantly, health care data is financially valuable to cybercriminals.

What can be done to curb the cyber threats against the health care industry? Sue Marquette Poremba says,

"The easy answer is to upgrade the IT infrastructure to something more secure, but that's expensive and takes time. But here are some more suggestions: regular risk assessments and better employee security training. And I'll take it one step further: Industry leaders need to get on board and begin taking security a lot more seriously. Until they do, there will be no budget or support to upgrade security needs, and frankly, this is data that is too important to leave unprotected."

Read more at Health Care Data Equals Big Bucks for Cybercriminals.

Your company's data — client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details — is always at risk of falling into the wrong hands. And every day, security threats seem to come from a new place.

In this slideshow, we have collected some of the best advice that leading security experts have shared with IT Business Edge recently, identifying areas of data vulnerability and helping you develop strategies for securing your data and information systems.


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