Seven Recommendations to Improve IT Network Resilience

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Seven Recommendations to Improve IT Network Resilience

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The data and communications network is the foundation of most businesses today; damage it, and the business is temporarily crippled – or worse. Most businesses take measures to protect themselves from a network outage but still face disruptions for myriad reasons – loss of power, loss of telecom services, cybersecurity attacks, natural disasters, and more.

CDW surveyed 200 IT managers at medium and large businesses that experienced a significant network disruption in the past 12 months, to examine how these disruptions affected their businesses. They asked about the business impact of the disruptions and what, if anything, the company was doing to improve their continuity of operations as a result of their experience.

Most responding businesses (82 percent) report that, before their disruptions, they were confident their IT resources were prepared to support local business operations effectively in the event of a disruption. In contrast, 97 percent said their businesses suffered detrimental effects from network disruptions over the past year.

CDW found that, regardless of how confident businesses were that they could avoid or mitigate a significant disruption, 25 percent of U.S. businesses invited to take the survey (small, medium, and large) experienced a network disruption of four hours or more within the last 12 months. CDW estimates that such network outages cost U.S. businesses approximately $1.7 billion in lost profits last year, based on the average number of days that respondents’ businesses were closed due to network disruptions and the average U.S. businesses profits per day.

Finally, the survey demonstrated that 82 percent of the most significant network disruptions U.S. businesses experience could be reduced or avoided by implementing measures included in any comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery plan. 

This slideshow highlights CDW’s recommendations for improving BC/DR readiness.

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