Fifty Start-Ups Disrupting Their Industries

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Xockets (CA) – Xockets builds hardware and software acceleration into appliances for Big Data processing. Traffic management, high-speed memory and dense computational capacity enable these solutions at a fraction of the server and power resources required for the standard approaches.

LayerX Technologies (TX) – LayerX Technologies is a leading provider of advanced data analytics software for the IT industry. Its solutions are used across multiple IT domains to provide rich insight into application performance and the underlying network layers. Whether premise- or cloud-based, single or multi-vendor, server or virtualized, standard or custom, it uses its patented platform to perform cross-data correlation and give a complete picture of the overall performance.

Fastly (CA) – Fastly is a content delivery network (CDN). When your users click on your site requesting a piece of information, Fastly routes their requests to the closest point of presence for lightning-fast delivery and improved performance.

Humm Systems (TX) – The Humm portal helps you gather feedback about your service or organization and amplify the positives by sharing great feedback instantly on social media channels. Humm also delivers interactive data that allows you to examine trends and track employee performance over time, then quickly share or print the data.

TRX Systems (MD) – TRX Systems, Inc. is the developer of NEON, delivering mapping and location indoors, underground, and in dense urban areas where GPS is not available or is unreliable. NEON delivers accurate 3D indoor location through the use of advanced sensor fusion, ranging and dynamic mapping algorithms.

mindaptiv (CO) – mindaptiv develops revolutionary adaptive software products that will transform our world. It turns every device into a semantic intelligence (SI) machine. In other words, its technology takes patterns and turns them into objects with attributes and behaviors, within the context of time and space. For example, illumin8 technology takes all inputs - pictures, video, text, spoken language, and sensor data - then converts them into a universal semantic language. Later, those semantic language definitions are translated back into images, video, behaviors and language.

Vault Solutions, LLC (NH) – Symantec Enterprise Vault continues to lead as one of the market's most powerful solutions for e-mail and content archiving – enabling users to fully manage, store, and discover the value of this content.

Software Motor Corp (CA) – Software-defined electric motors – In Stealth Mode

ConvergeIO (CA) – Cloud computing

In Spring 2014, Dell for Entrepreneurs announced its first-ever class for the Founders 50, an exclusive group of emerging companies that have technology as a critical backbone and are poised for rapid growth. Just recently, it announced the new Founders 50 Fall 2014 cohort, which for the first time includes a global contingent representing five countries – the U.S., UK, Canada, France and the Netherlands. These high-growth start-ups are companies to watch and were chosen based on their record of disrupting their respective industries through innovative products and creative solutions.

As with the first Founders' group, Dell will provide these organizations with access to resources, solutions, mentorship and exclusive marketing efforts to help them continue to grow their businesses. The Spring 2014 group has already shown impressive results from this mentoring relationship, having collectively raised over $2.2 billion in capital and having been backed by a number of notable angel investors and venture capital funds.

"Zoom has experienced rapid growth over the past six months," said Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom, a member of the Founders 50 spring class. "We have surpassed 25 million participants, 20,000 business customers and 1,700 higher education customers. Dell has provided incredible support for this growth, from providing servers for our scalable infrastructure to offering marketing opportunities for us through the Founders 50."

When Founders 50 companies complete their two-year term, they become Founders Club Alumni, joining other companies that have participated, including SkyeraCloudFlare and Mass Relevance.


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