Beyond the Basics: Six Benefits of Cloud UC

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Disaster recovery

What happens to a company’s communications if it has a premises-based system and the power goes out due to harsh weather conditions? They have none. Many companies have dealt with these conditions this year and weather has cost the U.S. economy more than $50 billion in productivity. UCaaS provides companies the ability to stay in touch with employees and customers regardless of weather conditions or any other disaster scenario.

UCaaS providers have data centers around the country that can keep services running when a local area is out of commission. For the individual, the data centers can route calls to mobile devices if there is crippling damage in the disaster area. On top of all this, employees can take advantage of mobile applications and remote connectivity if they need to work from home during a storm or other disaster.

Unified communications systems in the cloud, or UCaaS, have taken the communications industry by storm with many game-changing benefits. UCaaS offers companies the luxury of zero or light-touch management, enterprise-level features at a low monthly rate, and simple, low-cost startup that most people know about.

However, there are several benefits that are a bit behind the scenes that mean a great deal. Here are several of those hidden gems, identified by Digium.


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