ThreatTrack Security Previews Automated Endpoint Security Initiative

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    Keep Calm and Patch On This Patch Tuesday

    ThreatTrack Security has become the latest vendor to roll out a closed-loop approach to identifying security threats. Once a threat has been determined, it then automatically remediates any vulnerability associated with that threat.

    As part of a growing array of security intelligence services, the Spyder Initiative that ThreatTrack Security plans to roll out later this year will identify malware—including advanced persistent threats (APTs) —and then automatically patch the threatened end point with the antivirus software required to mitigate damage.

    According to ThreatTrack Security CEO Julian Waits, the Spyder Initiative integrates the ThreatIQ security intelligence service and ThreatAnalyzer software, which identifies potential malware in a sandbox environment before it actually runs on an end point, with the premium edition of the company’s Vipre antimalware software that includes support for automated patch management.

    Waits says that since ThreatIQ has evolved into a Big Data analytics application for security, the company is now in a position to regularly feed that service with new information gathered by ThreatAnalyzer. This information can be used to inform Vipre about new threats. Vipre can then find a patch to eliminate the potential threat and deploy it to the end point.

    Automation is now a critical component of any IT security strategy that needs to scale, so ThreatTrack Security is trying to substantially reduce both the amount of time it takes to discover a threat and the amount of time an end point is actually exposed to it. Obviously, there will never be such a thing as perfect security. But when it still takes months for most IT organizations to discover that a system has been compromised, 90 percent of the battle is just discovering the malware as quickly as possible. Automating the remediation saves IT the trouble of having to manually update each end point. This should, in turn, increase the confidence of senior managers in the ability of their IT organization to provide proper security.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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