Risk Factors for Tech Categories in the Cloud Presentation

    Risk Factors for Tech Categories in the Cloud Presentation

    Virtually every application category has made the jump to “the cloud.” But this transition is not without complication and risk. This PowerPoint presentation rates 17 tech categories on key factors such as security, reliability and hidden cost.

    The cloud is often pitched as a plug-and-play solution for almost any enterprise technology. If only it were that simple.

    Every deployment, whether on-site or in the cloud, has risks associated with it that must be carefully evaluated before your team and business commits to the project.

    This PowerPoint presentation rates 17 different tech categories on six different factors and risks:

    • Cost
    • Complexity
    • Implementation Risk
    • End-User Adoption Risks
    • Reliability
    • Security Risk

    The presentation also lists potential hidden costs — such as transaction fees with a cloud-based CRM system — that can make a cloud-based solution considerably more expensive than the marketing materials would lead you to believe.

    This presentation is part of the Cloud Computing Starter Kit, which is available for sale here at IT Business Edge. The kit includes vendor comparison spreadsheets, a financial calculator that compares in-house and cloud models, and a full PowerPoint presentation template to communicate your research to the rest of the business.

    The attached zip file includes:

    • Cloud Computing Technology Factors Slides.pptx
    • Intro Page.docx
    • Cover Sheet and Terms.pdf

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