Intranet Planning Project

    Intranet Planning Project

    Before you can begin an intranet project, you must identify and survey stakeholders, identify content to be managed and ensure your infrastructure is up to the task. This template will help bring it all together.

    An intranet is essentially a private communications network. It utilizes the same technologies that make the Internet a useful tool across multiple computer platforms and around the world.

    These technologies allow for rapid development and deployment of data and applications throughout an organization.
    This Intranet Planning Project Template covers these basic areas:
    • Review Process with stakeholder and employee groups.
    • Types of content (including email and other communications) to be managed via the intranet.
    • Infrastructure required to support the intranet.
    Use this template to guide your intranet project planning.
    Included in this zip file are:
    • Intranet-Planning-Project.doc
    • Intro Doc.pdf
    • Terms and Conditions.pdf

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