Extreme Networks Applies Analytics to Wireless Networks

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    Organizations today routinely give people access to wireless networks either as a way to increase affinity or simply generate some revenue. But not many of them have a whole lot of visibility into what transpires on those networks.

    Extreme Networks is trying to change all that with the release this week of Purview, an appliance based on custom CoreFlow2 ASICs developed by Extreme Networks to power an analytics application that can collect data from any wireless network. At launch, Purview customizable signature set can identify 13,000 application fingerprints across 7,000 applications.

    Mike Leibovitz, director of mobility and applications at Extreme Networks, says Purview, which was used extensively during Super Bowl XLVIII, provides organizations with the data they need to take an action while the customer is actively engaged on their network. While Purview is not designed to collect personally identifiable information (PII) that the customer has not already opted to provide using, for example, a mobile application, it does inform organizations what websites or types of applications people are using on their network.

    In the case of a retailer, for example, Leibovitz says Purview could be used to collect actionable data from customers. It could help determine how often shoppers were checking out a competitor’s website while visiting a particular store, or gauge how effective a particular offer delivered via a mobile application was while customers were still in the store.

    In addition to retail applications, Leibovitz says that Purview could be used to troubleshoot network management and identify potential security issues.

    As an element of a larger Big Data strategy, Leibovitz says Purview provides a way for organizations to more easily capture data that could feed back into a variety of Big Data applications. While all data is increasingly becoming valuable, the fresher the data, the more valuable it is likely to be.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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