Dell Layoff Numbers Cause Confusion

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    Layoffs of as many as 15,000 employees at Dell have been rumored for the last couple of days, and now increasingly conflicting accounts of the potential cuts are flying. The Register reports that its sources say the company’s restructuring plan includes layoffs of 15,000 or more, in all departments, globally. It will be, the site warns, a “bloodbath.” U.S. cuts may be within client support structures, according to internal company emails, says The Register. Dell responded to the site that “a small percentage” of its staff had accepted packages.

    Re/Code reports on a “voluntary severance program” at Dell, instituted in December, which may be contributing to some of the confusion about staff actions. The deadline for acceptance was Monday, February 3, and Dell corporate communications confirmed that a small percentage of staff did in fact accept the packages.

    Interestingly, Michael Dell told Rob Enderle in a December 2013 interview that taking Dell private would allow for greater focus on customer care, as energy expended in communicating with and catering to its largest investors would be freed up for more strategic activities.

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