12 Must-Have Travel Items & Accessories

    Travel is a fact of life for many people in today’s world. Whether it is for business, pleasure or study, there are many adventures to be had and areas to explore. But while travel can be exciting, it can also be complicated, especially if you want to have all your tech tools with you without breaking your suitcase or your back. Fortunately, many gadgets for travelers don’t take up too much space. In this slideshow, we’ve featured 12 must-have travel items you’ll want to check out before your next trip.

    If you need to create a wireless mobile office, you might consider the Satechi Wireless Multifunction Mini Router. Plug it into a wired ISP port and you have an instant, secure 802.11n wireless hot spot with speeds of up to 300Mbps. A great companion gadget for the wireless router is Satechi’s compact travel charger, which offers two USB ports and two AC outlets to keep all your devices charged and ready to go.

    If you’re traveling for business, check out Brookstone’s Pocket Projector Micro. The tiny device is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and computers and can project an image up to 50″ diagonal on almost any surface. And, if you don’t like the small touch keys on your phone or tablet, check out the Bluetooth folding keyboard. It can save you a ton of time and frustration.

    For those traveling long distances, check out the QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones. You can enjoy great sound, block unwanted background noise and not disturb your neighbors.

    If you’re traveling for pleasure, the Polaroid Snap can make a great addition to your travel accessories. The digital camera lets you print high-quality prints instantly, making them great to share with friends and travelers you meet along the way. Another great photo accessory is the Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens, a wide-angle lens for your smartphone. If you’re traveling with a larger group and have lots of devices to charge, check out the STACKED wireless charger, which allows you to charge multiple battery packs all at once.

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    Gadgets for Travelers

    Click through for 12 must-have travel accessories you’ll want to take with you on your next business trip or vacation.

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    Wireless Multifunction Mini Router / Repeater

    The pocket-sized Wireless Multifunction Mini Router provides robust wireless network solutions for people on the go. Offering wireless speeds up to 300Mbps, the Wireless Multifunction Mini Router is the perfect choice for high-bandwidth apps like video streaming, VoIP and online gaming.

    Cost: $34.99

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    Polaroid Snap

    If instant gratification is your thing, you might want to check out this 10-megapixel digital camera that lets you get high-quality prints instantly. It features six picture modes (normal, black & white, vintage sepia tone, Polaroid border logo format in normal, black & white and vintage sepia tone).

    Cost: $99.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 4

    Satechi® 2 Outlet Compact Travel Charger

    The Satechi® 2 Outlet Compact Travel Charger lets you power up four devices simultaneously. It has two outlets for power-hungry AC devices and dual 2.4A USB ports for charging your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Note and other tablets or smartphones.

    Cost: $24.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 5

    Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro

    The Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro lets you project images up to 50” diagonal on just about any flat surface and has a built-in speaker that can fill a room with sound. It connects via HDMI® compatible cable to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, media streaming devices, cameras and more.

    Cost: $149.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 6

    Folding Bluetooth® Keyboard

    Although it has a slim, foldable design, the Folding Bluetooth Keyboard boasts a full QWERTY keyboard and real-click keys that offer the feel of laptop-style typing. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® technology.

    Cost: $59.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 7

    STACKED Wireless Charger

    We’ve all known the frustration of crawling under a desk or standing tethered to a wall in order to charge a phone. With its STACK PACK, STACKED offers a truly wireless charging ecosystem for the iPhone® 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus, which enables both a full charge and connectivity at all times.

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 8

    Z-Light Portable Desk Lamp

    This sleek, portable desk lamp can be used in the office if you’re not a fan of harsh fluorescent lighting. It can also be your source of light when you’re on the road since it’s battery powered and can be recharged via an included micro-USB. And it’s small enough to fit in your laptop bag!

    Cost: $39.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 9

    QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

    The QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones let you enjoy better sound everywhere you go. You can turn on noise cancelling to focus on your music or, at the touch of a button, activate Aware mode to hear what’s happening around you. The inline microphone and remote let you switch easily to calls and control of certain functions. Available for QC®20 Apple device model or the QC20 Samsung and Android™ model.

    Cost: $299.95

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 10

    Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens

    Even work travel offers some scenery worth recording. The Olloclip acts as a wide-angle lens for your mobile camera, doubling your field of view and capturing robust street scenes and landscapes. With the purchase, you also get a fish-eye lens and two macro lenses for portraits and detail shots.

    Cost: $79.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 11

    R79X Passive Antenna Case

    Travel conditions can include spotty cellphone reception. This antenna, which doubles as a shockproof case, fits over iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus. ReachCase claims the R79X antenna case can add a bar to your cellphone’s reception — although mileage may vary. There is also an antenna embedded inside the case that can slide out when coverage is extremely spotty.

    Cost: $59.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 12

    MX Master Wireless Mouse

    Using laser optics, this wireless mouse can go where most other mice dare not: glass surfaces. It also has hyperfast scrolling and thumb buttons.

    Cost: $99.99

    12 Must-Have Travel Accessories - slide 13

    BEARTek Gloves

    The glove that remotely controls your phone or GoPro, the BEARTek is the next generation in smart gloves and enables skiers, snowboarders and motorcyclists to control their devices with simple fingertip touches.

    Cost: Starts at $170

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