Eight FREE BlackBerry Productivity Apps

    At the end of last year, BlackBerry OS accounted for 34.3 percent of mobile Internet users in the U.S., beating out iOS' 33 percent and Android's 23.8 percent. These figures show that it would behoove developers to keep their focus on BlackBerry. And that seems to be the case, with over 20,000 BlackBerry apps available today in BlackBerry App World.

    We have selected eight top-rated FREE BlackBerry productivity apps, according to users of App World.

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    Click through for eight top-rated productivity apps from the BlackBerry App World.

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    Looking for a way to stay in touch with your teammates on-the-go? The BlackBerry client for Harvest Co-op may be the answer. This free application allows you to share ideas, ask questions, or coordinate groups from wherever you are. The app requires a Co-op account, which is free to sign up for at

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    Forget about remembering PIN numbers and conference call codes. The Panaton Conferencing standard edition will automatically call you back, as well as all conference call participants. With a valid U.S. phone number, this app offers unlimited use and integrates with, Plaxo, Outlook and Google.

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    If you’re looking for a security application that offers call blocking and anti-theft and recovery, you may want to check out SmrtGuard Mobile Security by Smrtphone Solutions Inc. This app will help you find a lost or stolen phone, as well as create “blacklists” for unwanted calls. It also offers a Personal Guardian feature that lets you send out emergency distress calls with the push of a button.

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    Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced Mobile for BlackBerry lets you check the presence status of co-workers, search your corporate directory and check corporate visual voicemail, among other things. This app uses location-based services to automatically update your location status and call routing preferences.

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    Avoid the temptation to read your emails and text messages while driving by using this completely hands-free app from Hands Free Software. Text’nDrive will read email and text messages (up to 500 words) as they are received.

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    Easily track your expenses, time and mileage with this application from HandyLogs LLC. All lists in HandyLogs Money can be customized, and all entries are time-stamped. The developer claims the app “works everywhere, even when there is no signal on your phone.”

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    This free application from Venturcon offers a collection of analysis tools for the evaluation of businesses and business opportunities. Business Analysis Toolbox provides reference materials, as well as a calculator that can be used as a quick assessment tool.

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    Dragon for Email is a dictation application from Nuance Communications, Inc. Simply dictate directly in the BlackBerry email client and instantly see your emails. Dictate contact names and subject lines or compose short or long email messages.

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